Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

ATU Voting on Contract Offer

ATU Local 1005 is voting on a contract offer from Metro Transit today and tomorrow.

My prediction is that the membership rejects it overwhelmingly


Metro Transit drivers continue voting on contract proposal Monday

Transit workers reject contract; strike is possible

Bus Annunciator

Starting on Sept. 11, Metro Transit buses on Route 10 and 18 will offer automated annunciator. The system will broadcasts bus stops and major intersections by audio and visual display inside the bus. Outside the bus , an audio message announces the route number and destination as the buss arrives at the stop.

The system use GPS data to track the location of the bus and matches up the appropriate announcement.

This was tested on the Route 17 last winter.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Passanger Complain

Riders Complain Metro Transit Line Is A Tight Ride
Metro Transit Light Rail rides during Twins games at Target Field is so popular, it has riders complaining about the lack of room.

Metro transit spokesman Bob Gibbons says Light Rail ridership to the games is up more than 6% compared to last year at the Metrodome.

Gibbons says all of Hiwatha's 27 rail cars run every ten minutes after games and that conditions can get tight inside the cars.

Metro Transit Board approved adding more cars to the Hiawatha

Not as bad as it is in Japan

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Park and Ride

Maple Grove Transit announced the construction of the new Parkway Transit Station located along Maple Grove Parkway across the street from the Maple Grove Hospital. There will be 500 stall surface lot and indoor station.

Phase 1 is expected to open for use by late October 2010 and the indoor station will open in January 2010. When the park-and-ride lot open in October express bus operation for the Route 784 at the Wal-Mart Park-and-Ride lot will cease and expanded as the new Route 785 at the Parkway Station. The Route 785 will offer seven trips to Minneapolis in the morning and seven return trips in the evening. The new MCI coaches will be used on this route.

Future expansion plans include a one level parking ramp with additional 475 parking spaces.