Thursday, April 23, 2009

Central Corridor parking solutions

Update on Central Corridor parking solutions

At an April 2009 meeting of the Central Corridor Management Committee, engineers Dan Soler of the Central Corridor Project Office and Craig Blakely of the City of St. Paul discussed the findings of a study of issues raised by the loss of on-street parking along University Avenue.
As a result of mandatory and desired elements of the light-rail project, all but about 175 of 1,150 on-street spaces will be lost on University Avenue between Rice and Emerald Streets in St. Paul. The engineers said there are 560 spaces on north-south cross streets within a block of the University and another 25,000 spaces in private lots within a quarter mile of the corridor. However, they said there are a number of critical areas where parking problems will need to be addressed, and they discussed possible solutions.

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