Monday, July 20, 2009

Central Corridor Project Update

Soil Boring to Affect Parking Along LRT Route
From late July through November, crews hired by the Met Council will take borings, generally in the parking lanes on the entire length of the Central Corridor Light Rail Transit route. They will be collecting soil and water samples so the sample may be analyzed for the presence of possible contamination. Drilling also will be done on some private property with owners’ written permission. The information will be used to develop plans to properly handle any contaminated soil and ground water affected by LRT construction, which will begin in late summer 2010.

Central Corridor FEIS Comment Deadline July 27
Public comment on the Central Corridor LRT Project's Final Environmental Impact Statement is due by July 27. The FEIS was published on June 26 in the Federal Register and describes the project as it is going to be constructed, giving the final picture so everyone knows what is going to be built and where. The FEIS describes the route and how it was chosen and provides the location of the tracks, stations and key pieces of supporting infrastructure. Copies of the FEIS are available at area libraries, along with a citizen's guide to the FEIS, which outlines how to make a comment. In late August, the Federal Transit Administration is to issue a Record of Decision, which summarizes adverse impacts and the project's commitment to mitigate them. The Central Corridor Project Office will complete all design in the first half of 2010 and secure the federal Full Funding Grant Agreement for the $914 million project to begin heavy construction in the latter half of 2010. For questions about the FEIS, email or call Kathryn O'Brien, environmental services manager for the Central Corridor LRT Project, at (651) 602-1927.

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