Friday, September 25, 2009

'Odor Ordinance'

Transit 'Odor Ordinance' Proposed

The Honolulu City Council is trying to craft a code of conduct for people who use public transportation including The Bus and Oahu's planned railway. Among the proposals being considered is a provision that would prohibit people who smell bad or whose clothes smell bad. Councilman Rod Tam co-authored the bill with councilman Nestor Garcia. Tam told KGMB9 it is a matter of public health. "Many times when a person has a particular odor you may think that person is sick ... have bacteria, diseases. Especially now a days people are afraid of the flu," Tam said. "We have a responsibility in government to take care of clean and safe public services and facilities." Some of the bus riders KGMB9 talked to agree ... people should be kicked off public transportation if they reek. But others say it would be unfair ... especially to the poor and homeless. They suggest just moving away from someone if their odor is offensive. Tam's transit conduct bill would also prohibit people from spitting in transit vehicles or at transit stations. It would outlaw loud music and unruly raucous behavior. The council will accept testimony on the "odor ordinance" during a hearing at Honolulu Hale at 9 a.m. Thursday.

City Council scrubs body-odor proposal


Anonymous said...

The ordinance in question was shot down by the Honolulu City Council on September 4.

Bus Driver Dude said...

Thnaks for the update