Monday, October 26, 2009

Safety Campaign

Metro Transit Kicks Off New Safety Campaign

Metro Transit kicked off a new safety campaign this weekend, after drivers hit two pedestrians in the past ten days. One of those accidents turned deadly.
Over the last 20 years eight pedestrians were hit and killed by Metro Transit buses, resulting in eight fatalities. Two of those deaths happened just this year.
The first happened in February when 55-year-old Mary Ann O'Dougherty of Minneapolis died after she was hit at 46th St. and Minnehaha Parkway. The bus driver did not even realize he'd hit someone.
The second death was earlier this month. A bus hit 43-year-old Becca Cruzen at 46th St. and Hiawatha Ave. as she was walking toward the light rail station.
Gregory Mudgett was seriously hurt Friday after he was hit while carrying his groceries across St. Claire Ave and West 7th St. in St. Paul.
Metro Transit says its new five week campaign includes text message safety reminders sent to drivers as they log in on their buses, safety memos being distributed. Starting monday, they will also have face-to-face meetings with managers to review procedures.

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