Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Safety Shields

I have heard that Metro Transit was testing safety shields on a few Gillig BRT. I had not seen them until the other day when I got a bus switch from Heywood. This one is on bus # 1152 . I really like them. They are not so intrusive that I am hitting them when I get in and out of the seat. At the same time, they offer protection from someone hitting you in the back of the head and they give you a chance to protect yourself from a sucker punch. It is not a perfect solution but it does help. I don't believe we need full safety shield like this.
I understand the Metro Transit mechanic made this. There are no safety shield for the Gillig BRT on the market. What do you think? Leave a comment.


TheTransitCamera said...

That's a really good design. I don't know if Gillig offers shields on their Low Floors/BRTs or not but the RGRTA Gillig buses have drivers shields like these.
They don't look like much protection for a driver though.

TheTransitCamera said...

To clarify I meant the RGRTA ones didn't look like they really protect the driver, not the one you took the picture of. :)

Acela2172 said...

That safety shield in the picture barely protects the operator. The one WMATA tested on 2139 does good at protecting the operator. And Baltimores operator protection shields. Some say they do enough protection. Some say they dont. But Baltimore purposely has them designed to be optional for whether or not the driver chooses to use it. Some do many dont. But I think only New Flyers in Bmore have them.