Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Very Close

This Hiawatha LRT came very close to hitting the stopper (not sure what it is called) at Mall of America


TheTransitCamera said...

I've noticed those red sticks that seem like their supposed to be hit now. I've never seen a train come in that close though except for the one that crashed into the stopper thing.

Bus Driver Dude said...
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Bus Driver Dude said...

Oh, did one hit the stopper? I do not recall that.

I would assume the train have to get close to the red sticks to fit the 3-train sets.

TheTransitCamera said...

Yeah I think it was back in 2007 or so. I remember seeing the car sitting down in the same spot for about a week until they finished investigating. Apparently it wouldn't slow down or something.
Also on a related note Metro Transit is still accepting proposals for new LRT cars and will evaluate the proposals sometime this summer. It would be sort of neat if they went with someone else, like Siemens or Kinkisharyo/Mitsui, for the next batch but I assume Bombardier will win it since the new cars have to be able to meet requirements like full compatibility with the current fleet of Flexity-Swifts.