Saturday, December 11, 2010

I-35W at 46th Street StationGrand Opening

I-35W at 46th Street Station

A new transit station on I-35W at 46th Street in Minneapolis is the first of its kind for the Twin Cities region.

The new station is between the northbound and southbound lanes, which will allow buses to pick up and drop off customers without leaving the freeway. Customers can board express buses on the freeway level or transfer to local buses on the 46th Street bridge. Watch a simulation of buses serving the station.
Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting

I-35W & 46th Street Station
11 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 11

46th Street bridge will be closed during the event.
Bus service is available on routes 11 and 46.
Ride free to the event. Download a pass.

Size Two levels (53-foot x 300-foot) provide movement between express buses on the freeway level and 46th Street buses on the bridge.

Access There are two stairway and elevator towers, one on each side of 46th Street, that provide movement between the upper-level bridge and lower-level freeway platform.

Traffic controls Gates and traffic signals control traffic access to the I-35W level of the station.

Customer areas Heating and cooling is provided by a geothermal system to make waiting more comfortable. Lighting is provided by high efficiency LED fixtures.

Real-time updates NexTrip signs display real-time information so you always know when your bus will depart.

Structure Cast-in-place concrete structure supported on a concrete platform placed on a foundation of drilled helical piers. The roof is formed by curved steel beams and purlins supported by round steel columns. The enclosure is an aluminum frame window wall system.


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Toby said...

Did you miss these photos. They got these for BTR about 2 months ago. Im out of South Garage. Keep up the great work.