Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Metropolitan Council Logo

On Wednesday, June 13, Council members approved the new Metropolitan Council logo.


J M said...

the old logo wasn't anything catchy, but seriously, what the heck is this? It looks like some strange copy of the recycling triangle. Shouldn't the logo for MC be something that's actually related to what they do?

Anonymous said...

Another waste of taxpayer money. How can we take their alleged budget crises seriously, when they waste money on foolish stuff like this. "Branding" really? Don't the words "Metropolitan Council" already tell us who they are? I suggest they spend our money providing real services, and stop wasting it pretending they're General Mills. I suggest that if they must brand, the State adopt ONE LOGO (the flag comes to mind), and EVERY GOVERNMENT entity uses it with the name of that entity underneath. Simple. Clear. And no more wasted money.