Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 Gillig BRT

2010 Gillig BRT Metro Transit Bus #1211 parked at MJ Ruter Garage parking lot.

Without Ads

With Ads. They did not waste time putting ads on this bus. I took the above pictures the day before.
I noticed that the 2010 Gilligs BRT have 3 side turn signals. One on each side of the front wheel well. Also, looks like they recycled the bike rakes from the old buses.


Matt said...

Awesome! It will be good to see new buses in revenue service. Any idea what garages these new buses will be housed?

Bus Driver Dude said...

All the garages will be getting them. There are some in service now.

Carl said...

they have different taillights than normal Gilligs.

David said...

Great blog and Great pics! Do you have any straight on photos of the newer Gillig models? We're planning pinewood derby cars for the spring and as the Pack leader I usually make a "pacecar". This year I want to do a Metro Transit bus. Any pictures that you have that are straight on (not angled)view of the side or front would be helpful for me to get scale for painting the livery. Thanks!