Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Metro Transit is in the process of lowering the driver side mirror on all of Gillig BRT. This is being done in response of driver complaints. Also, Metro Transit are testing LED turn signals on the mirrors on some of the Gillig BRT.

(Sorry not the greatest of video. This was taken with my cell phone)

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TheTransitCamera said...

I never noticed that, interesting. It makes sense as I bet a lot of operators are used to the Phantom mirror placement. I bet the lower mirror also provides better visibility of shorter vehicles and bicyclists.
A photo of the before on one of these:

Also i've noticed that the 2010 emissions regulations compliant GILLIGs i've seen photos of have a different rear vent design, there's added vents in addition to the usual rectangle one. I believe the 1200 series and (7200 series??) hybrids were upgraded to the 2010 compliant engine packages so it will be interesting to see one when they come in.