Monday, September 27, 2010

Different Interior

The new New Flyer D60LFR have different interior seats compared to the earlier buses. They are on bus # 3338, 3339,3340


TheTransitCamera said...

Ha! I was thinking they weren't going to continue getting the nice suburban commuter oriented interior when so many of the new artics are used on high turnover local runs now.
Thanks for getting the photo!

Matt said...

I also like the new black interior on the 7200 series Hybrids. I'm assuming the 1200 series are also the new black interior. I wonder how many buses will be delivered in the 7200 and 1200 series.

TheTransitCamera said...

3331 and 3332 have this new interior as well. I saw them both on the 50 today. I'm guessing 3329-3340* all have the different interior since they are options off the MNdot contract instead of the old 2006 Metro Transit contract as 3300-3328* are.
(*Assuming the series starts at 3300 and there isn't a number gap between one contract and the next)

As far as I know their getting 31 new diesel low floor 40' ones and 30 hybrid 40' ones.

TheTransitCamera said...

Well I got to ride 3330 on the 16 this evening, the seats are basically the same as the ones on the GILLIG BRTs and are quite comfortable :)

It also appears 3330-3340 have Allison transmissions instead of Voith as the other D60LFRs have.