Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Northwest metro route changes start May 30

Northwest metro route changes start May 30
Metro Transit is updating routes in the northwest metro to meet growing residential and employment needs, changing travel patterns and new demographics.

Highlights of changes:
-New Route 705, a crosstown route traveling primarily on Winnetka Avenue
-Improved service in the Winnetka Avenue corridor, with more non-rush hour and reverse- commute trips
-New service to Wal-Mart Supercenter in Brooklyn Park
-Simplified Saturday routing to help you get to your destinations faster
-New connections between Winnetka Avenue and Ridgedale Mall and between 42nd Avenue and -City of Plymouth Dial-A-Ride
-Facility improvements at Starlite Transit Center

Route 675
Route 715Eliminated.
(Click here for alternate service)
Route 717
Route 756
Route 705
Route 716
Route 755
Route 767

Note: Other routes in the area will have minor schedule changes.

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