Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shooting on the Route 5

2 Shot on Metro Transit Bus

This morning it is calm here at the number five bus stop at 15th and Chicago Avenue. Monday night is was a whole different scene when a double shooting occurred.

The shooting happened around 9 p.m. About a dozen people were riding the bus at the time.
Authorities say one man was arguing with other passengers on board. When the bus stopped, he got off, then turned toward the bus and fired his gun.
He shot two people, one in the arm and a bullet grazed the second victim. Both of the victims were taken to HCMC with non-life-threatening injuries.
Officers instantly began chasing down witnesses and potential suspects who had fled the bus after the shooting.
They combed the scene for evidence and got a good description of the suspect.
One witness heard people screaming after the shooting and is now concerned about riding this bus again.
Within an hour a Metro Transit spokesman says police arrested the suspect and found the weapon

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TheTransitCamera said...

It's good they got the suspect. A shooting on board doesn't really bother me too much, given the area it occurred in. Personally I would rather ride the bus and get grazed by a bullet than to drive and get shot in a carjacking. At least on the bus there's video and people around to help.