Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another Roadblock for Central Corrdor

Group files civil rights complaint in regard to light-rail development
A coalition of minority-rights and low-income advocacy groups says the Metropolitan Council has ignored potential negative impacts of the Central Corridor light-rail line on those communities.
Star Tribune
A group representing residents and businesses along University Avenue in St. Paul has filed a federal civil rights complaint against the Metropolitan Council, alleging the agency has ignored potential negative effects of the planned Central Corridor light-rail line.
The complaint was filed with the Federal Transportation Administration, the same agency being asked to fund half of the $914 million project. A letter from the FTA dated May 27, 2009, to the group said an investigation is underway.
The Met Council has received questions from the FTA regarding the complaint and will answer them, council Chairman Peter Bell said Thursday. It's another in a series of disputes along the line.

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