Sunday, June 21, 2009

Madison Metro Transit-Pictures

Front View Gillig Hybrid Bus#001 on the Route 7 at East Transfer Point

Back view of Gillig Hybrid bus#001 doing the Route 30 at East Towne Mall

Gillig Low Floor Bus# 876 doing the Route 36 and Bus#901 doing the Route 20 at East Towne Mall

Madison Metro Orion V Bus # 521 & 526 turning on to Washington Ave from Milwaukee St in Madison, Wisconsin

Gillig Low Floor Bus # 926 on the Route 8

Gillig Low Floor Bus# 905 doing the Route 2

Cover for the parking meters

Temporary Bus Stop

Back view of Gillig Low Floor Bus# 917 doing Route 16 at East Transfer Point

Gillig Low Floor Bus 919 on Route 32 at East Transfer Point. Wrapped by Charter Cable

This bike rack can carry 3 bikes

Wrapped bus by TV Channel 27

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TheTransitCamera said...

Nice pictures! Madison looks like a pretty nice area. I've only seen a Gillig Low Floor there when passing through on the highway, i'll have to visit sometime.