Friday, June 19, 2009

Utility-relocation for Central Corridor LRT

Utility-relocation work beginning on Central Corridor light-rail line

Met Council officials are seeking bids for utility-relocation work in downtown St. Paul, a long-anticipated project that will set the stage for the start of Central Corridor light rail construction late next summer.Xcel Energy could start moving some of its utilities under Fourth Street as soon as next month, according to council officials. Relocation of public utilities – including water, sanitary sewer and storm sewers – could begin in late August.Late last year, the Met Council, which is overseeing construction of the $914 million, 11-mile Central Corridor project, negotiated a utility-relocation agreement with District Energy St. Paul and District Cooling St. Paul. Bids for the public utility relocation work are due July 15.“It’s obviously pre-construction work,” said Laura Baenen, Met Council’s Central Corridor spokesperson. “We are not doing any work on the actual line” at this point. The first phase of the utility relocation will focus on Fourth Street from Minnesota to Jackson. Work will continue through the fall, culminating in roadway and sidewalk reconstruction this November, according to the Met Council’s project schedule.

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