Wednesday, June 3, 2009

County Purchases Union Depot

Ramsey County approves purchase of portion of Union Depot in downtown St. Paul

Ramsey County commissioners Tuesday approved the $8.2 million purchase of the front of the Union Depot along Fourth Street in Lowertown.
The purchase moves the county forward in its vision to transform the landmark into a transit hub, once again hosting passenger trains, as well as the planned Central Corridor light rail line local and regional buses, and playing host to restaurants and shops, resurrecting the prominence the grand station once had.
To that end, Christo's restaurant will remain open, and 39 condos in the building will remain unaffected, according to pre-existing agreements and new actions approved Tuesday. Commissioners, wearing their hats as directors of the county Regional Railroad Facility, voted 6-0 (Tony Bennett was absent) to approve the purchase, which essentially makes them landlords of the restaurant, condos and parking.
But before then, there's plenty of work — $350,000 immediately and at least nearly $1 million more over the next two years — to be done on the 86-year-old neoclassical building.

For more information check out the Union Depot website.

Union Depot Renovation Concept Video by Ramsey County Regional Rail

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